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AMS Net Tech Comes with a commitment to represent manufactures and distribute a full line of quality and reliable networking products and manufacture best-in-class standard networking, Servers, Ams Net tech conform to DIN 40494 STD.

The Open Rack creates a new, open standard for server rack design that provides an innovative platform for rack infrastructure while lowering TCO in the scale compute space. Itís the first rack standard thatís designed for data centers, integrating the rack into the data center infrastructure, part of the Open Compute Projectís ďgrid to gatesĒ philosophy, a holistic design process that considers the interdependence of everything from the power grid to the gates in the chips on each motherboard.

The Open Rack features a simple design, built with the scale compute space at its core. A slightly taller rack unit, called an OpenU, or OU, is 48mm high (the traditional rack unit is 44.5mm tall), which increases airflow, improving air economization. Open Pack also allows for better for cable and thermal management and efficient use of space. Fewer parts and service from the front improves serviceability. Modular design of the IT chassis (anywhere from 0.5 OU to 12 OU high) allows for flexible density within the racks.

Open Rack implements an innovative, cable-less power distribution system, the first of its kind. Servers no longer have their own power supplies; they simply plug into bus bars at the back of the rack.

It is typically less expensive for the manufacturer to include these items and save on unit packaging costs than it is for them to sell each item individually. The selling price will typically reflect this savings. As long as the cabinet racks have similar panel space and depth they are functionally interchangeable.

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